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Witzel IR1302 XTR Infrared Oven
Witzel IR1302 XTR Infrared Oven
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Witzel IR1302 XTR Infrared Oven

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Part Number: PSEUDO-4227

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The Witzel IR 1302 XTR infrared oven has the leading edge technology for plastic ovens! Now available for those needing oven with dimensions that fit even the largest sheets of plastic.
Becuase the Witzel IR 1302 XTR is so intelligent, you'll never burn materials again! The next generation controller measures the exact temperature of the materials and not the surrounding air. Result is you have more control and less waste on materials that were burned. 
The IR1302 XTR infrared oven is the most versatile infrared oven because of its size. User can store four temperature settings which can be easily called up by use of a single button. The two-line display keeps constant updates of the actual temperature values.
Optional blister tray available. Note: Color of oven is gray, not blue shown.
Optional Pre-preg ports available at time of manufacture only.

Witzel IR 1302 XTR features:
  • Touch-screen display
  • User-adjustable temperature ramping
  • Dual heating mode (just 6 or all 24 bulbs)
  • Roll-about tray on casters
  • Two year parts warranty
  • No preheating needed

Witzel IR 1302 XTR specifications: 
Outside dim: 62.5"W x 69.5"D x 55"H,  (Door open: 73") 
Inside dims: 51"W x 63"W x 19.6"H
Unit weight: 792 lbs
Power: 208-230 volt, dedicated 2-pole 50 amp breaker required

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