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nora systems GmbH develops, produces, and markets high-quality certified shoe components under the brand name nora. The nora division focuses on development in areas of orthopaedic shoe engineering and shoe repair as well as general orthopaedics.

All nora® products are free of toxic heavy metals and carcinogenic aromatic amines from azo dyes. Both raw materials and end products are checked and issued in accordance with strict nora quality requirements. In addition, nora products are also free of pentachlorophenols (PCP), CFCs, or carcinogenic n-nitrosamines.

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RegalFit Foot Orthotics offer a new level of professional foot treatment for your practice, whether you are a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Pedorthist, Podiatrist, or Orthopedist.

The RegalFit line offers you, the practitioner, the ability to offer a higher standard of treatment than an OTC foot product, at a more affordable price than a full-custom device.

RegalFit orthotics may be dispensed as ready-to-fit right out of the package. But, they are constructed of materials commonly used in full-custom orthoses. As such, they may be easily ground, trimmed, heated and fitted with a topcover to give your patients a semi-custom orthotic at a fraction of the cost of full custom.

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The Reference Standard in Podiatric lab equipment for 25 years
Stern Podia designs and manufactures medical devices for podiatry and equipment for podiatric labs, exam, and procedure rooms. With over 100 years of experience gained in producing high-tech devices, Stern Podia products are the heart of SMD Corporation. Since its appearance on the podiatry market, Stern Podia is synonymous with reliability, safety, design and value of the investment.

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The Original Standard of Softness
Soft, tactile appeal perfectly complements the sturdy dependability of ultra-microfiber in Ultrasuede soft. This versatile, medium-weight material is ideally suited for all types of applications. Conforms nicely around shapes. Thickness is approximately 0.8mm. Sheet measures 11.25 sqf. Color fast; will not bleed, or fray.
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Witzel infrared Oven FAQ
Witzel Vacupress has been making Infrared Ovens specifically for the O&P field for over 10 years. These ovens are specifically designed to take advantge of the special nature of Infrared heating technology to deliver an oven that heats thermomoldable plastics and foams with a previously unachievable degree of accuracy.

A proprietary computer algorithm, optical sensor and PID technology, and the wisdom of a designer with 25+ years of O&P field work has yielded an oven that is unsurpassed in the industry.

If you have any questions, please read through the FAQ by clicking the witzel logo to the left.