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Prepreg Oven Port
Prepreg Oven Port
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Prepreg Oven Port

Atlas Price $299.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4799

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The Witzel Prepreg port option allows for vacuum (accessories sold separately) to be passed through the wall of most Witzel IR-series infrared ovens. If you processes prepreg composites, or plan to do so in the future, consider including this option on your next IR oven purchase. This option may only be installed at the time of manufacture.

Beginning in 2012, the Witzel Prepreg Port, Part# T-WTZ-PPR is a standard feature of Witzel's IR1302 oven. Users may have optionally ordered the feature on older IR1300 or IR1301 ovens previously.

The Prepreg port continues to be an available option on the IR802, IR1002, IR1302XTR, and IR2102 Ovens.

This option must be ordered at time of manufacture, as it is not a retrofit item.

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