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Witzel IR1002 Infrared Oven
Witzel IR1002 Infrared Oven
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Witzel IR1002 Infrared Oven

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Part Number: PSEUDO-4223

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The Witzel IR1002 infrared oven has been developed specifically as a prosthetic oven, capable of pulling blisters, and as a flat sheet oven for materials up to 38"x30".

Witzel's proprietary temperature controller technology makes all of their IR ovens ideal for those wanting an oven that does not burn plastics. Simply set the controller to the desired temperature, and the controller manages a factory-set heating profile that brings the plastic up to temperature quickly, without overshooting, and keeps it there indefinitely. Gone are the days of either baby-sitting your oven, or getting burned materials!

The controller stores (4 user presets) settings which means you can get more work done. The Witzel IR 1002 features a new display that reveals the preset and actual material temperature together. When your set temp has been reached, a light comes on. Optional blister form (sold separately).

Concerned about blister forming?

Some of our customers have voiced that the 19" height of the oven may not be suitable for forming blisters. Our oven manufactuer, Hendrik Witzel, a Master Prosthetist in Germany with over 30 years experience in O&P has provided a report below explaining the reasoning behind short-height blister draping. Following the logic of this report, the 19" oven height is a non-issue for blister forming.

View Witzel's IR1300 blister test report PDF by clicking the icon below:
Download Blister Forming Paper

Inside dims: 39"W x 31.5"D x 19"H
Outside dims: 52W x 38.5D x 56H (Door open: 73)
Unit weight: 495 lbs
Power: 208-230 volt, dedicated 2-pole 50 amp breaker required

Witzel IR 1002 features:
  • Touch-screen display
  • User-adjustable temperature ramping
  • 12 infrared heating tubes
  • Space-saving design gives you more room to work.
  • Two year warranty
  • Roll-about tray with locking wheels
  • Pre-preg ports available at time of manufacture only

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