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Witzel Orthotic Press
Witzel Orthotic Press
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Witzel Orthotic Press

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The Witzel Orthotic Press is a precision engineered vacuum former is the finest built orthotic press on the market!

Witzel Single Orthotic Vacuum Press has a convenient release valve, quick change bladder, and adjustable flow control gives you many more advantages than other vacuum presses. The Witzel orthotic vacuum press has a silicone bladder which is more durable.

By having adjustable vacuum control - you can increase or decrease vacuum pressure, depending upon what you pull/vacuum. Some materials will need less vacuum, while plastic and carbon fiber will need more vacuum.

Witzel Orthotic Press specifications: 12"W x 20"D

  • Silicone bladder resists sticking
  • One-way valve hold vacuum after pump switched off
  • 8 foot vacuum line included
  • Easy change bladder

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