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Witzel 850 Vacuum Press
Witzel 850 Vacuum Press
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Witzel 850 Vacuum Press

Atlas Price $6,995.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4602

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The Witzel VACUPRESS 850 Vacuum Press is designed especially for vacuum forming orthotics of most any kind.  Foot orthotics, AFO's, burn masks, etc. (Article 02-850).
The frame is securely mounted on hinges that fold back.  A vacuum tank (not shown) allows you to have enough reserve vacuum for larger pulling projects.

The powerful vacuum pump ensures the quickest possible, and therefore the optimum molding results. The maintenance free pump works smoothly and switches off automatically when vacuum achieved.

The Witzel VACUPRESS 850 orthotic press is equipped with a separate vacuum connection to connect external vacuum working areas like thin laminate resin work, pulling sockets, drape molding, etc. 

Witzel 850 Vacuum Former specifications:

Frame Dims: 33.5"W x 27"D
Outisde Dims: 38"W x 41.3"D x 42"H
Unit weight: 435 lbs

Benefits of Witzel 850 Vacuum Former:
  • Silicone bladder prevents sticking
  • Comfortable work height
  • Maintenance free pump