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Witzel 520 Orthotic Press
Witzel 520 Orthotic Press
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Witzel 520 Orthotic Press

Atlas Price $3,800.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4598

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The Witzel Vacupress 520 is an excellent foot orthotic vacuum press that outperforms competitive products through innovative design and function.

Witzel 520 orthotic presses give you plenty of room to place two orthotic casts with frame area for forming. The working surface is flat, rather than tub-shaped, allowing for quicker draws, easier access, and longer bladder life due to less stress near the vacuum lip.

Integrated vacuum shuts off automatically after full vacuum is achieved; and a built-in one way valve allows vacuum to remain applied during cooling with the pump turned off

Witzel's proprietary siliconized bladder outperforms other rubber or rubber hybrid membranes with its higher heat resilience.  

Specifications: 20.5" x 20.5"

Unit weight: 77 lbs

Power: 110 volt