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Witzel 1500 Vacuum Table
Witzel 1500 Vacuum Table
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Witzel 1500 Vacuum Table

Atlas Price $6,995.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4596

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Model shown includes integrated vacuum.

The Witzel VACUPRESS 1500 Vacuum Table is a deep drawing vacuum table that works better than and faster than drape molding.  Place sheet of thermoformable material, i.e. plastic, EVA, or whatever you are molding over the positive, close the frame, and turn on vacuum.  Provides even pressure over the model, so your work looks fabulous!


The VACUPRESS 1500 Vacuum Table is a construction that gives you the advantages of a lower working height thereby reducing back pain from leaving over.  Now moving heavy casts is less effort. Frame gets assistance from two gas lifts. The vacuum pump (Max model) delivers smooth suction and automatically deactivates when desired vacuum is reached. 

The Witzel VACUPRESS 1500 also has a remarkable bladder is made from a super resilient silicone, that prevents materials from sticking to it.

Outside Dims: 47.5"W  x 63"D x 29.5"H
Frame dims: 44"W x 60"D

Power: 230 volt

1500 MAX comes complete with intergrated vacuum system:

Vacuum-Pump: 40 m/h /end-pressure 200 mbar

Unit weight: 434 lbs