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PDQ PO-2 Infrared Oven
PDQ PO-2 Infrared Oven
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PDQ PO-2 Infrared Oven

Atlas Price $18,495.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4217

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The PDQ PO-2 Infrared Oven by OTS is designed to heat sheet plastics and perform blister forming duties.   Whenever Prosthetists and Orthotists think Infrared Heating and best ovens built for the field - PDQ is the name.   The PDQ PO2 is a dual purpose oven and will provide many years of dependable service.  Speak to an Atlas representative and find out why PDQ is the leading edge of infrared technology.
PDQ PO-2 features:
1000 Watt 4 bulbs top/ 4 bulbs bottom
Digital temp controller
Infrared quartz heating tubes
Suitable plastics and blister forming (optional)

PDQ PO-2 infrared oven specifications:
Interior Dims: 32"W x 49"D x 61"H 
Exterior Dims: 60"W x 40"D x 53"H 
Unit weight 495 lbs, Crated 755 lbs
Power supply: 220V

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