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LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy) Blocks -EVA
LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy) Blocks -EVA
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LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy) Blocks -EVA

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Part Number: PSEUDO-4371

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The Atlas leg length discrepancy blocks are ideal for assessing LLD (Leg length discrepancy). Use during testing and assessment.

Atlas LLD assessment blocks will help you determine the needed build-up, by using one or more leg length discrepancy boards.
Each set contains the following EVA material leg length discrepancy blocks:

  • White 1/8" = 3mm = .3cm
  • Brown 1/4" = 6mm = .6cm
  • Blue 3/8" = 9mm = .9cm
  • Red 1/2" = 12mm = 1.2cm
  • Black 3/4" = 18mm = 1.8cm

Another great help in leg length discrepancy assessment is the Pelvic Level. Click for more info