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Bluform Hallux Rigid
Bluform Hallux Rigid
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Bluform Hallux Rigid

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Part Number: PSEUDO-1595

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Bluform Hallux Rigid Insoles are effective treatment of minor 1st ray fractures by the reduction of motion.  This innovative new composite material allows practitioner the ability to remold, even mulitple times.  Referred to as DS material. 

This is not a thermoset composite, as are most insoles sold in the market.  Heat and reheat as you need to!  (DS material Rf:4-EU-9242)

Bluform Hallux Rigid Insoles feature:

  • Heat adjustable - form heel cups!
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in Germany
  • Smooth edges

We recommend patients be fit by their foot specialist and not fit themselves.