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WonderFlex is an extruded thermoplastic composite sheet. It is comprised of a unique synthetic polymer that when heated in the range of 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit (70-80 degrees C), will soften and activate a built in adhesive for molding and forming. A layer of polyester open weave scrim is located on one side for strength, reinforcement and stability. The other side is smoother to receive most paints and artisan coatings as required.

The uses of   Wonderflex  is only limited by your imagination. Theatrical scenery and set designs, various props, costumes & cosplay gear, animatronics, crowns, helmets and headgear, puppetry, armor, masks, prototypes, modeling, mascot heads, displays, headdresses etc. etc. even taxidermy, custom interior auto repair, furniture restoration and as a quick repair patching item.

Artists, sculptors, prop masters, set designers, costume makers, mask makers, special effects persons, taxidermy specialists and the like, have all discovered the wonders of  WonderFlex.