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Vertical Alignent Jig
Vertical Alignent Jig
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Vertical Alignent Jig

Atlas Price $2,160.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4411

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Vertical alignment jig for prosthetic sockets

The VAL-1000 is a completely steel vertical alignment fixture for plastic and laminated prosthetic sockets. The VAL-1000 has three locking arms that slide along the same vertical track. The top arm slides in and out with a pipe collar locked in 90 degrees.

The middle arm of the VAL-1000 moves independently in all directions. Separate handles control in/out, up/down, flexion/extension, and adduction/abduction.

The bottom arm holds very heavy casts without any flexing that can affect your alignment, and is adjustable left to right with a locking bottom tray. The VAL-1000 mounts to any table or bench.