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Ultimate Full Length
Ultimate Full Length
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Ultimate Full Length

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Part Number: PSEUDO-1833

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The Ultimate Full Length performance insoles have two uniquely distinct designs. The Ultimate is a unique combination of Orthotic Arch Support and Cushion insole. Combines an ultra thin, ultra strong graphite arch support bridge with a triple layer, contoured cushion cover for the ultimate in supportive comfort and shock absorption.

The main body of the cushioning insole is constructed of a closed cell polyurethane foam to provide superior Insoles due to its density and rubber like qualities.

The top cover is a layer of fabric specifically designed to reduce friction and wick moisture away from the feet. The Ultimate Insoles insure that even a heavy heel striker receives ample cushioning while wearing these superior Insoles.

  • Fits most all shoes
  • Fresh-scent top cover
  • Easy to trim