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Stryker 940 Titanium Nitride Blade
Stryker 940 Titanium Nitride Blade
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Stryker 940 Titanium Nitride Blade

Atlas Price $139.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4661

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April 2020: This page has been left online for information only. Stryker is no longer manufacturing this item.

The Stryker Titanium Nitride Cast Saw Blade is a durable long lasting cast saw blade. 

Titanium Nitride is one of the best blade choices for cutting fiberglass casts.

Titanium Nitride is an extremely hard ceramic coating that offers the best price to performance for cutting today's synthetic casts. These blades may cost a little more than hardened, or teflon-coated blades. But, the superior edge retention Titanium Nitride offers allows the blade to stay sharp longer. And, the lower coefficient of friction keeps the blade cooler longer preventing the blade from losing its tempered edge.

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