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Stern Podia

nora Stern Podia designs and manufactures medical devices for podiatry and equipment for podiatric labs, exam, and procedure rooms. With over 100 years of experience gained in producing high-tech devices Stern Podia products are the heart of SMD Corporation. Since its appearance on the podiatry market, Stern Podia is synonymous with reliability, safety, design and value of the investment.

The New Wireless Controller for 2015 is designed to be easier to operate. All functions—Lift, Tilt, Recline, and Leg lift—are managed with a simple function button and two arrow buttons. Assign your most common configurations to 3 available preset buttons.

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Choice of Single or Split Leg Rest

The split leg rest version allows adjustment of left and right legs independently! This innovative design allows for more flexibility, as the physician can easily position only the leg undergoing treatment for maximum patient comfort. For a more traditional seating arrangement, choose the single-leg option at the time of purchase.

Your choice of one or two-tone upholstery for Vega & Arcadia

Stern Podia offers Vega & Arcadia exam chairs in your choice of one or two tone colors. Brighten and color coordinate any office with one of hundreds of color combinations using a full palate of vibrant tones—from the eye-catching Polynesian Green to the subtle and calming earth tones of Silver or Light Grey.

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Exam Chair control for Pleion & Lyra

Stern Podia are renown for their ease of use and versatility. The Pleion exam chair uses Stern Podia's same wireless technology and intuitive button control layout to manage chair lift, tilt, and recline functions. Return to home and two user defined memory settings can be used to make patient position a quick process.

Stern Podia's entry level Lyra chair manages chair position through a similar wired controller to select chair height, chair tilt, and angle of seat back recline.

Matching exam stools offer comfort, utility and great looks

The Stern Podia Roll exam stool is available in the same great color palate as the full line of Stern Podia powered exam chairs and podiatric equipment. For maximum comfort and color combinations, choose the Star exam chair available in the same color combinations as the Vega & Arcadia exam chairs.

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