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Stand-up Dual 4" Sani-Grinder
Stand-up Dual 4' Sani-Grinder
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Stand-up Dual 4" Sani-Grinder

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Part Number: PSEUDO-4132

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The Handler Manufacturing Stand-up Dual 4" Sani-Grinder is an industrial Sani-Grinder/Polishing unit built for the large orthotic laboratory which creates various podiatric and orthotic appliances on a daily basis.
The Handler Stand-up Dual 4" Sani-Grinder is powered by a 3/4 HP industrial duty suction motor which produces 600 CFM (cubic feet per minute) suction power to collect dusts, debris and polishing compounds.
Twenty four (24) shakable cloth filter bags entrap 0.5 micron particles. Collected dusts are shaken from the filter bags and deposited into a lower internal, removable dust tray with the aid of an external foot shaking pedal. A double sided Sani-Grinder is mounted on a melamine covered table top.