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SofSole Athlete Insoles
SofSole Athlete Insoles
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SofSole Athlete Insoles

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The SofSole Athlete Insoles are ideal insoles for running, racquet sports, aerobics, and basketball.
The Sof Sole Athlete Insoles are the ultimate contoured cushion insoles for unparalleled comfort and shock absorption. The Athlete is constructed from three separate layers of cushioning materials that combine to create a breathable, durable and amazingly comfortable cushion insole.

The Athlete has two distinct models designed especially for Men and Women.

The bottom yellow layer of the Sof Sole Athlete is a closed cell foam, which means that the bubbles that permeate the foam do not interconnect. Closed cell foams are very resilient to compression making them very durable.

To make the Athlete Insoles more breathable, Sof Sole added an additional layer of their patented Implus material atop the Yellow Polyurethane foam. Sof Soles Implus is a unique foam which means that the bubbles that permeate the foam do interconnect so air can pass through the insole material is amazingly durable, yet breathable. The result of the two layer combination is the Sof Sole Athlete Insoles, made with Implus, wick perspiration away from the foot and facilitates air circulation through the shoe.

Sof Sole added extra dense Implus to increase the durability and shock absorption of the Athlete Performance Insole. This extra dense Implus material resists compression and ensures long lasting shock absorption at the heel and ball of the foot.
These shoe orthotics have extra padding that runs the full length. Fresh scent additive and has blue fabric covering that resists odors. (model 13000 series) 

  • Extra cushioning at heel and ball-of-foot
  • Best fit in lace up athlete shoes
  • Money Back Guarantee
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