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Small First Class School Chair
Small First Class School Chair
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Small First Class School Chair

Atlas Price $364.75
Part Number: PSEUDO-3079

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Features and Benefits
  • Designed to assure good seating posture, the First Class school chair is comfortable, attractive and adjustable
  • It is ideal for physically challenged children with mild to moderate involvement for use in the classroom, clinic or home
  • Its multiple adjustments and accessories meet the needs of each child as they grow and develop
  • Seat - adjustable in height and depth with a 15 deg. anterior or posterior tilt
  • Armrest - adjustable in height and width
  • Pelvic Belt - adjustable seat belt helps maintain proper hip position
Product Specification
  • Seat (Width): 12", Depth: 9"-14", Height: 6"-12"
  • Seat to Footplate (Height): 6"-12"
  • Back (Height): 15"
  • Armrest (Length): 10"
  • Seat to Armrest (Height): 1.5"-9.5"
  • Distance between Armrests: 9.5"-14.5"
  • Hip Guides (Height): 4", Hip Guides (Depth): 9"
  • Distance between Hip Guides: 8"-13"
  • Lateral (Height): 4", Lateral (Depth): 5"
  • Seat to Laterals: 1.5"-6"
  • Distance between Laterals: 6"-13"
  • Headrest: 4.5"-8"
Model # FC 2000

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