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Roto Lamination Stand
Roto Lamination Stand
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Roto Lamination Stand

Atlas Price $600.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4342

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Rotating "wet" lamination stand

The ROTOLAM is designed for impregnating composites sandwiched between two PVA bags with resins. It is made from steel with welded airtight seams and a tough industrial grade powder-coat for protection. The ROTOLAM has a 4mm bolt to secure the mold to the fixture, holes in the end to prevent blocking the vacuum with the mold, unique stacked ring feature that holds extra lay-up material and creates an easy seal surface for the outer bag, and independent valves for separate control of inner and outer bags.

Paired with a vacuum base, the TM-1000, VM-1000, or DX-1000, the ROTOLAM will rotate without losing vacuum or twisting either of the PVA bags leaving no front or back to the lamination. Comes with valve and barb.