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PDQ Bubble Forming Frame BT-4 Only
PDQ Bubble Forming Frame BT-4 Only
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PDQ Bubble Forming Frame BT-4 Only

Atlas Price $279.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4207

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The PDQ Bubble Forming Frames for use in the PDG BT-4 only.  

Frame size defines the size of plastic that will fit in the frame. For example, the T-PDQ-BFF12-4 will hold a 12"x12" piece of plastic. The hole diameter will always be 2" smaller than the frame size. That means the T-PDQ-BFF12-4 has a 10" diameter hole.

The chart below shows the dimensions for all frames on this page. Or, call Atlas for knowledgeable and friendly support.

  • These frames fit ONLY the PDQ BT-4
  • Other PDQ ovens require a different "A" width-See chart below

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