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PDQ BT-1 Infrared Oven
PDQ BT-1 Infrared Oven
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PDQ BT-1 Infrared Oven

Atlas Price $8,780.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4205

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The PDQ BT-1 Infrared Oven by OTS incorporates all the infrared efficiency of the full sized ovens in a smaller form factor. The PDQ BT1 Infrared oven is more versatile for smaller labs and intended for flat plastics only.  The smaller inside dimensions of the PDQ Infrared oven allows for quicker heating times and less energy consumption.
PDQ BT-1 Infrared Oven specifications:
Inside Dims: 38"W x 30"D x 6"H 
Outside Dims: 42"W x 43"D x 20"H 
Power: 208-230 volt, dedicated 2-pole 20 amp breaker required
  • Double pane view window
  • Digital temp controller
  • Tray with Teflon cover
  • Suitable for heating flat plastics