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PALM LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy) Gauge
PALM LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy) Gauge
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PALM LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy) Gauge

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PALM PALpation Meter for Measuring Skeletal Alignment, Leg Length Discrepancy

The PALM PALpation Meter is used by therapists and researchers for measuring a patient's skeletal alignment and assessment of LLD.

The PALM PALPation meter utilizes the simplicity and proprioceptive benefits of palpation along with the objective precision of caliper and inclinometer measurements. This device uses a caliper to determine the distance in centimeters between two palpating fingers, and an inclinometer that displays the inclination in degrees between the two palpating fingers. The PALPation device includes unique slide rule calculator to allow therapists to read the height discrepancy between the two landmarks palpated in both centimeters and inches.