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Otter Pediatric Bathing System
Otter Pediatric Bathing System
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Otter Pediatric Bathing System

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Part Number: PSEUDO-2976

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Product Description

Wenzelite offers the best in all products for pediatric rehabilitation. The chair is made of a durable plastic frame and has a fabric that can be easily removed and machine washed for convenience. The seat and back are adjustable to angles of 0, 22.2, 45, 67.5, and 90 degrees to ensure comfort for the user while bathing. This is done by using the uni-bars located on the upper back of the seat and lower back of the seat. The legs are slip-resistant for safety and can raise the chair to a height of 7", even while the user is seated in the chair. The seat has convenient leg straps to control abduction and adduction while seated, and also has adjustable positioning straps for security that can be removed if they are not needed. The chair has height and width adjustable head cushions that provide only the best in support, security, and comfort. They can even be used as lateral supports. When the chair is not in use it can be folded flat for easy and compact storage.

Features and Benefits
  • Plastic frame
  • Fabric can be removed and machine-washed
  • Seat fabric can be slipped off to bathe a child sitting on the floor of the tub, supported by the bath chair back
  • Seat and back are angle adjustable and have five angle adjustments at 0, 22.2, 45, 67.5, and 90
  • Adjustable slip-resistant legs raise chair up to 7"
  • Height can be adjusted with child in chair
  • Unit-Bars allow seat and back angle adjustments to be made with one hand
  • Leg straps control abduction and adduction
  • Two positioning straps secure child
  • head cushions are height and width adjustable and provide support and comfort
  • They can also be used as lateral supports
  • Folds flat for easy storage
Product Specification
  • Seat (Depth): 13".
  • Seat (Width): 14.5".
  • Back (Height): 25".
  • Seat (Height): 2"-7".
  • Outside (Width): 17".
  • Outside (Length): 30".
  • User Height: 32"-50".
Model # OT 2000

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