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Nora Lunatec Combi CAD EVA Blocks
Nora Lunatec Combi CAD EVA Blocks
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Nora Lunatec Combi CAD EVA Blocks

Atlas Price $249.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-1977

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Note: All Nora products are special order; All sales are final and can not be returned for refund or credit. If you have any questions about the product, please call 800-545-6287 and speak with customer service prior to ordering.

Nora CAD EVA material are specifically engineered for use in CNC orthotic applications. Unlike the traditional EVA materials, Nora CAD EVA material is formulated for excellent durability and consistent milling results.

Nora Combi is never glued, so delamination will not occur. Nora Lunatec Combi is the premium, best performing CAD EVA in the world.