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Marvel Vert Upright Stander
Marvel Vert Upright Stander
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Marvel Vert Upright Stander

Atlas Price $929.50
Part Number: PSEUDO-3017

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Features and Benefits
  • Foot restraint and heel cups - lateral and front to back adjustments provide feet and ankle alignment
  • Knee blocks - lateral and height adjustments and two positions of depth maintain hip-knee foot alignment and assist in abduction
  • Curved rigid posterior pelvic stabilizer - swings open for easy transfer of child
  • Adjustable for exact fit
  • Trunk support - height adjustable
  • Secured with Velcro strap and a secondary buckle for safety
  • Tray - horizontal positioning device is angle and height adjustable
  • Four 4" wheels with locking casters
Product Specification
  • Footrest to Tray (Height): 25.5"-43.5".
  • Frame (Width): 19".
  • Base Size: 22" x 23".
  • Tray Size: 18" x 23".
  • Knee Block (Width): 3.5".
  • Knee Block (Height): 4".
  • Pelvic Stabilizer (Width): 15".
  • Pelvic Stabilizer (Height): 4".
  • User Height: 33"-57".
Model # MA 2000

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