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MEBUS Primatec Finisher
MEBUS Primatec Finisher
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MEBUS Primatec Finisher

Atlas Price $23,811.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4740

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The Primatec 1300 Orthopedic and Shoe Finisher with Polishers and Trimmers

This spacious shoe machine from Mebus is the perfect addition to your production workflow. With the wide cabinet, powerful motors, and exceptional vacuum, you’ll easily be able to accommodate two technicians at the belts simultaneously. Polishers, sole trimmers, and a naumkeg sander make this a full-featured finisher leaving nothing off the wish list. Consider the powerful dust vacuum that features a 99% filtration system and you have a unit that can’t be beat.

Features that make the Primatec 1300 Superior to the competition

Both the Primatec 1300 and the Supreme Combi-120 feature two sanding belts, polishers on a rotating turret assembly on the right, an assortment of sole trimmers on the left, and an adjustable naumkeg. What makes the Primatec superior is the implementation of these features. Start with the cabinet construction: Substantially thicker gauge steel creates a solid foundation minimizing vibration and noise from the vacuum and drive motors. Vacuum for the finisher is created by a large ‘squirrel-cage’ fan unit: twice as large as the model used in the competition. This results in dramatically increased suction with best-in-class filtration of fine particle matter.

Still not convinced? The Primatec 1300 features longer belts than the competition. This means not only extended belt life, but cooler running belts limiting the transfer of heat to your workpiece, and belts that don’t fill as quickly between cleanings.

Options to round out a shoe finisher or an orthopedic sander

In stock trim the Primatec 1300 already eclipses the competition. But, a list of options allow you to custom tailor to your specific needs.

Optional Features:

(Available only at time of manufacture)

  • Two-speed belt motor
  • Attach to central vac/external vacuum
  • Height adjustment (not shown)
  • Above-unit shelving (shown above)
  • Overhead LED lighting (shown above)

Standard Features:

  • Naumkeg with vacuum port
  • Trimmers (on rotating turret-left)
  • Polishers (on rotating turret-right)
  • 1 x Conical shaft to easily change tools
  • Heel breaster attachment
  • 1.5'' Sanding Belt (left)
  • 4'' Sanding Belt (right)
  • Easy to clean dust drawer


  • 51'' W x 32'' D x 64'' H
  • 230 Volts, 60 Hz, 30 amp breaker