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Lunairmed (18 duro)
Lunairmed (18 duro)
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Lunairmed (18 duro)

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Part Number: PSEUDO-2407

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Note: All Nora products are special order; All sales are final and can not be returned for refund or credit. If you have any questions about the product, please call 800-545-6287 and speak with customer service prior to ordering.

Nora Lunairmed is the most advanced material available for treating diabetic ulcerated feet because it contains no dyes, colors or pigments. Compatible for diabetics as its closed cell. Lunairmed is a perfect cushioning EVA padding for the at-risk foot. It quickly accomodates.
  • Excellent for diabetic patients
  • Hypo-allergenicHigh resiliency
  • Remolds at low temperature