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Landis Flat Dual Vacuum Press
Landis Flat Dual Vacuum Press
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Landis Flat Dual Vacuum Press

Atlas Price $1,047.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4573

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Flat Dual Vacuum Press
Designed to pull faster than ever! Double vacuum press with flat vacuum surface. There is no vacuum reservoir—vacuum is pulled directly by your pump enabling quicker molds that form before materials cool off. Workspace 18" x 17"

  • Locking handle assures a perfect seal
  • Quick-release bladder
  • Built-in pressure relief (protects vacuum pump)

Landis Flat Vacuum Press Specifications:
Inside: 17" W x 18" L 
Outside: 23.5" W x  7" H x 26" L
Net Weight: 58 lbs, Shipping Weight: 69 lbs

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