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Lamo-S Alignment & Lamination Station
Lamo-S Alignment & Lamination Station
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Lamo-S Alignment & Lamination Station

Atlas Price $11,400.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4334

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The LAMO-S Alignment & Lamination Station is the most complete lamination station in the orthotic and prosthetic industry. The LAMO-S Alignment & Lamination Station can align and laminate any multi layered wet socket safely, meeting strict workplace safety regulations.

The LAMO-S Alignment & Lamination Station comes with hardware to align and laminate, a vacuum pump with foot switch, a 200 CFM fume scrubber, and a fire cabinet for storage of glue and resins. The unit has an articulating arm to direct the vacuum flow directly to your work, and an indicator light when to replace its 40 lb. removable charcoal filter. The vacuum pump fits on a shelf off the floor leaving room for fume scrubber and fire cabinet, and is operated by a convenient foot switch.

The LAMO-S Alignment & Lamination Station is built off the same great 1000-series base as our other work stations and is fully interchangeable with all of our fabrication hardware. Click Here for a list of compatible accessories.

Includes the following:
  • ¾ HP vacuum pump with foot switch
  • 200 CFM air filter with replaceable carbon filter
  • Vacuum arm that articulates
  • 12 gal fire cabinet
  • Vertical prosthetic alignment jig (VAL-1000)

Specifications: 32x 48 base, Adjusts height to 30, 33, or 36, 30 x 20 solid wood surface, elevated pump shelf, and 110 Volt pump