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Helix Foot Orthotics
Helix Foot Orthotics
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Helix Foot Orthotics

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Part Number: PSEUDO-950

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The Helix Prefab foot orthotics are engineered to address hallux rigidus, forefoot pain, such turf-toe and metatarsalgia.

The metatarsal pad (met raise) built-in is beneficial because it reduces pressure at the ball of the foot, commonly associated with pain, burning, numbness or discomfort. Unique memory foam helps offload pressure all over the foot.  Microsuede topcover with antimicrobial properties, as well!

Comprised of a 3/4 length core that extends under the great toe (hallux rigidus) by limiting the range of motion and thereby helping toe joint.  

Helix Foot Orthotics benefits:

  • Made in Germany
  • Full range of sizes
  • Fits most footwear
  • Easily trimmed
Ref: 4-EU-9242