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GEM Cordless Ring Cutter
GEM Cordless Ring Cutter
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GEM Cordless Ring Cutter

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Part Number: PSEUDO-4413

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The GEM Cordless Ring Cutter is light-weight and easy to operate. This ring cutter is capable of cutting effortlessly through just about any material from plastic, gold, silver to titanium up to 6mm (1/4") deep. Quick, efficient, simple and safe to operate cutting through most materials easily.
The GEM Ring Cutter is specifically designed to remove jewelry, rings, bands, or jewelry which has led to strangulation of the finger, digit, or other extremity, as a result of traumatic injury, swelling and infection. With the GEM Ring Removal System you can safely and quickly remove rings with minimal discomfort in an emergency setting. 
Paramedic EMT Trauma ring cutting system consists of a low torque hand unit, unique abrasive discs for use on hard and soft metals, as well as a protective finger guard.

The GEM Ring Cutter is equipped with a long flexible finger guard permitting ease of insertion under the most tightly fitting ring. Replacement of ring cutter blades requires no technical expertise or specialized tools. Powered by 4 standard AA batteries (not included).
GEM Cordless Ring Cutter Set includes:

  • Carry case with replacement blades
  • Practice rings
  • Finger guard
  • Operators manual