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EZ Assist Pole with  Handle
EZ Assist Pole with Handle
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EZ Assist Pole with Handle

Atlas Price $160.25
Part Number: PSEUDO-3098

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Product Description

The EZ Assist Pole and Rotating Handle was made to support people who need additional assistance when standing up from a seat in the living room to getting up and out of bed in the morning. The unit comes with a rotating handle which rotates around the pole allowing it to adjust to multiple positions to offer the best and most convenient support when getting up. The handle also locks into place for a secure and sturdy aid which is designed to support a weight of up to 300 lbs. The handle is 18" in width and was designed with multiple height sections which allow for secure and comfortable gripping for your hands and a convenient feeling on your arms. The EZ Assist Pole and Rotating Handle are made of a sturdy and high-strength steel making it very safe to use, but also has a brown vein finish which makes it rust resistant and very stylish. No matter the room you need extra help in, the EZ Assist Pole and Rotating Handle by Drive Medical would be able to help anyone who just needs an extra hand getting up.

Features and Benefits
  • Rotating handle pivots and locks in multiple positions and is height adjustable
  • Assists an individual to and from a sitting position in a chair, bed or in the bathroom
  • Multi-level rails allow for gripping in multiple positions
  • Sturdy, steel construction with zinc plating is rust resistant
Product Specification
  • Handle Width: 18".
  • Ceiling Size: 93"-100".
Model # 15500TH

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