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Claes 20 Patcher (New)
Claes 20 Patcher (New)
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Claes 20 Patcher (New)

Atlas Price $6,425.00
Part Number: PSEUDO-4538

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Shown with optional motorized stand.

The Claes 30 Patching Machine is the finest patcher on the market. The long arm will reach into very tight spaces. The head spins to sew in all directions. Speeds of up to 250 stitches per minute. Stitch thicknesses up to 1/2".   Accepts up to a 170 size needle, as well as 138 thread. 

These Claes Patchers are ideal for orthopedic, leather, and upholstery work.  Select the Claes 20 for tight areas and the Claes 30, if you desire a larger bobbin.

Claes 20 Patcher features:

  • 1 Year Warranty  
  • German built 
  • 19.5" clearance under arm.
  • Bobbin winder with automatic release.
Optional stand available, either sit-down or standing version

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